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September 8, 2013
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"Hey, babe? Get up i can't move..." Jeff whispered into your ear.

You eyes shot open at the sound of his voice. You turned your head to see your self almost completely on top of Jeff.  "Eh!? Oh sorry Jeff" You said blushing once again.

Jeff sat up and stretched. Yawning he and turned around and lay back on his side pulling his mask back over his eyes trying to get some more sleep. You looked at the clock to see that it was already 10:30 in the morning. You sighed and lay back down on the bed. It was typical for Jeff to sleep in late but you alway found it hard to sleep in as well. Jeff turned around and wrapped his arms around your waist resting his head on your chest.

You blushed a deep shade of red at his sudden actions. "Jeff i thought you didn't want me cuddle you?" You asked awkwardly.

"I changed my mind." Jeff replied blankly.

"Oh okay." You said as you started to play with his hair.

Jeff sighed." I forgot we have training today..." He groaned and took off his sleeping mask and got up off the bed. You got up following behind Jeff to the kitchen. You saw Masky and Hoodie sitting on the couch playing some sort of game.

"Hey guys!" You said walking up to the two other proxys." Whatcha playing?" You asked sitting down on the couch next to Masky.

"Oh hey (y/n). We're playing Truth or Dare, things kinda got boring." Masky said scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

"You wanna play?" Hoodie asked.

"Yeah sure. So how do you play?" You asked tilting you head to the side innocently.

You listened as Masky explained how to play. "So thats basically it." He finished.

"Alright Masky you go first." Hoodie said.

"Ok, (y/n) truth of dare?" Masky asked.

"Hmm, dare." You replied with a smirk.

"I dare you... to go up to Jeff and kiss him." Masky laughed.

"W-what!? Nya, thats not fair!" You said blushing wildly.

"You have to do it, its part of the game." Hoodie chuckled.

You let our a sigh of defeat. "Fine. But if he attacks me i'm saying you two dared me to do it." You groaned.

"Haha ok. I can't wait to see this!" Masky laughed following behind you with Hoodie.

You quietly walked into the kitchen to see Jeff washing his dishes in the sink. You walked up behind him and poked him in the back.

Jeff turned around with a sigh. "Yeah what is it i'm busy-mmrf!" You smashed your lips against his with a deep blush. Jeff jerked away at first but he soon kissed back wrapping his arms around your waist. You both stood their with lips locked against each others for what seemed like hours but you soon pulled away to see a very flustered Jeff who's face looked red as a tomato.

You smiled trying to hold back a laugh when you felt Jeff's lips hit yours again more roughly then before. Jeff froze and pulled away with a growl of annoyance throwing his knife at the kitchen door. You turned your head to see Masky and Hoodie running away from the scene.

"S-Sorry..." You mumbled still holding on to him.

"I don't care. Just don't get dared to kiss anyone else but me okay." Jeff whispered pulling you closer to him so that your chest touched his.

"I don't think i would want to." You purred." I only have feelings for you Jeffery." You whispered into his ear sending a shiver down his spine.

"Heh, your one strange girl (y/n). Having feelings for a cerial killer, your crazy babe." Jeff teased.

"Call me insane but at least i admit it!" You replied pulling away from him and walking to find Masky and Hoodie.

"I always loved you..." Jeff whispered to him self.

~Time Skip~

Damn... i can't believe that just happened!" Masky said in awe.

"Well it did so get over it!" You growled in complete embarrassment.

"So are you and Jeff a 'thing' now?" Hoodie asked.

"No! I'm not that easy to get!" You scoffed.

"Okay so your just really close friends who sleep in the same bed." Masky laughed.

"I am staying a virgin, thank you very much!" You replied with anger flowing through your veins.

"Alright, Alright. So what do you think of Jane the Killer coming to stay at the creepypasta house for a month?" Masky asked.

"Jane the Killer? Whos that?" You said tilting your head curiously.

"Some murderous chick who hates basically everyone and everything." Hoodie replied crossing his arms.

"Yep Slenderman said she needed a place to stay so he let her come here. I'm not to sure how Jeff is going to take the news though..." Masky explained.

"Why would Jeff not take the news well?" You asked.

"Well Jeff absolutely HATES Jane and well we think Jane likes Jeff so she doesn't exactly leave him alone..." Masky replied.

"She what! Oh god how is she going to react when she sees me with him?!" You said panicking.

"I don't know but i would stay as far away from her as possible."

To be Continued...
Ok so here is the next part guys! Enjoy!


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