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September 6, 2013
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Its been 2 weeks since the incident with BEN and life here at the creepypasta house has been as normal as it can be. The only thing that was not normal was BEN. He completely avoided you! Every time you went to go talk to him or ask him to play a game he would come up with some excuse to get away from you.

You yawned sitting up from the table to put your dirty dishes in the sink. "Maybe i should try to apologize to him…" You mumbled turning around to see a curious Jeff leaning against the door frame.

"Oh hi Jeff!" You purred giving him a smile.

"So who do you plan on apologizing to? I don't recall you doing anything wrong." Jeff said walking up to you and looking you in the eyes.

"Nya!? U-uh i w-was just going to apologize t-to BEN…" You said blushing at how close Jeff was to you.

Jeff let out a small chuckle. "Don't worry babe i'm sure BEN isn't mad at you. He's just being cautious." Jeff smirked putting a finger under your chin lifting your head in the progress.

You were sure your face was completely red by now. This was a totally new feeling to you, it felt nice… Was this love? No! You couldn't be falling for Jeff he was just a really close friend, nothing more. Even if you did love him you were positive he wouldn't feel the same way.

"Why would he act cautious towards me? I'm not going to hurt him or anything… Why would he be scared of me?" You said pulling away and crossing your arms in confusion.

"Heh, he's not scared of you hun." Jeff laughed putting his hands in his pockets.

"What? Then who is he so scared of that he's afraid to talk to me… Slenderman?" You mumbled half to your self and half to Jeff.

"You know, your innocents is adorable." Jeff smiled showing his teeth and walked out of the kitchen.

"Nya!!! What the hell is that suppose to mean!?!" You stampered flicking your tail in annoyance.

You walked out of the kitchen into the living room only to see BEN playing Halo 2. You sighed and walked up to him quietly.

" Hey BEN?" You whispered into his ear.

BEN flinched at the sound of your voice and paused his game. "What?" BEN said nervously.

"U-um i'm sorry if i said or did anything to make you so uncomfortable around me…" You said sadly feeling tears threatening to fall down your cheeks.

BEN sighed and turned around to look at you. His eyes widened in surprise to see you on the verge of tears. "I'm not mad at you (y/n)… It's just…" He started, looking around to see if any one was around. "Its just Jeff really fancies you and he tends to be very… well, protective towards you. I just don't want my personality to come around and make a mistake and do what i tried to do last time…"  He sighed. "Don't cry about it!"

You blinked a couple of times trying to take in what BEN just told you. " So your afraid of Jeff…" You said giving BEN a big hug. BEN tensed at this but quickly relaxed and hugged you back. " Pleas stop avoiding me. I don't mind your personality but just try your best not to be too pervy." You smiled and winked.

"Yeah okay." BEN laughed. " So you want to play Halo with me?" He smiled handing you a controller.

"Hell yeah i do!!!" You cried throwing your fist in the air. BEN laughed and you two started to play the game.

~Time Skip~

After losing to BEN 10 to 15 times you finally got board of the game and sat down on the couch. "Thanks for playing with me BEN." You said with a tired smile.

"Yeah no problem it was fun." He replied eyes still on the screen.

You looked to see Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, and Masky enter the house talking about how successful their kill was.

"Hey guys i'm guessing you were successful?" You smiled as they walked up to you and BEN.

"Yeah it was great. So you and BEN cool now?" Masky asked looking at BEN and back to you.

"Yeah… Its all good." You purred.

"So wheres Jeff?" Hoodie asked looking around curiously.

" I don't know probably sleeping or something." You replied looking down as you remembered what BEN said.

"Whats wrong?" E.J. said shyly.

"Huh, oh its nothing." You said putting on a fake smile. You were still kind of unsure of your feelings towards Jeff and the way he was acting towards you lately only made it worse.

"Ok well I have dibs on the shower!" Masky yelled running towards the bathroom.

"Huh awwh no fair!" Hoodie whined. Hoodie and Jack left for their rooms leaving you and BEN alone again.

You let out a small sigh and drifted into sleep.

You awoke to the sound of Jeff's voice.

"Hey (y/n)? You coming to bed or not?" He said shaking you trying to wake you up.

"Hmm yeah okay. Carry me?" You whispered struggling to keep your eyes opened.

"You got two legs use them." He replied.

"Please Jeffery i'm really tired." You begged.

Jeff let out a sigh of annoyance and picked you up off the couch carrying you bridal style to your room. You snuggled your head into his chest breathing in his sent that you found so very comforting. Just before you fell asleep again you were thrown onto the bed.

"Hey! You could at least put me down nicely!" You growled.

"Shut up cat i'm tired too." He groaned crawling into bed and putting his sleeping mask on.

You sighed and crawled under the covers. You couldn't help it you wanted to be in his arms again it felt so right, why did you feel like this towards him. You still didn't want to accept your feelings but you still crawled up beside Jeff and wrapped your arms around him. You felt him tense under your touch and you nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. Jeff seemed to relax as you quickly fell asleep in his arms.

To Be Continued...
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