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August 31, 2013
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You woke from the sound of voices coming from the kitchen. Getting up off the couch you noticed that your new friends weren't around. You pulled the hood from the hoodie you were wearing over you head and headed towards the voices. You peaked through the door shocked to see a man in a tux with white skin and no face. He didn't even have any hair.

"I see... So she made it through the portal alive." The faceless man asked.

"Yeah, she said she came from a experimental lab. The same one as The Rake came from." BEN replied.

"So her and The Rake get along?" Asked the faceless man.

"Well who else has been served food from The Rake? Not me!" Hoodie laughed.

"Interesting... So she has killed before and is willing to do it again. Hmmm..." The faceless man said to him self.

"Um also she doesn't have any clothing and i think you should explain to her about the opposite sex considering she will be living with a bunch of guys." Masky said awkwardly.

"Especially with this pervert walking around." Jeff growled pointing back at BEN.

"You can come in child i know your there." The faceless man said looking towards the door you where peeping through. You didn't move muscle, if felt like your feet where glued to the floor. Fear filled your eyes and you began to shake with it. Jeff let out an annoyed sigh and opened the door and dragged you into the room. You still shaking from fear cling to Jeff's arm for protection.

"Don't be frightened i won't harm you, my name is Slenderman i am the head of this household." He said calmly walking towards you.

"Y-your Slender?" You asked still holding on to Jeff.

"Yes, and i have decided that you will stay and live with us." He said removing the hood to reveal your cat ears." You have killed before?" He asked petting you on the head.

"Yes." You replied

"Very well, Jeff will teach you more techniques." He said looking towards Jeff. " She will be your proxy."

"What?!" Jeff said surprised.

"Do not argue with me smile child my dissuasion is final. Besides she seems to feel safe around you." He replied.

"Fine." Jeff growled in defeat.

"Also after i explain to her about the opposite sex she will be sharing your room with you." Slender said

"Are you joking?! Why can't she share one with Masky or something?!" Jeff yelled a blush forming on his face.

"She is your proxy meaning she's your responsibility. Not Masky's." Slender replied.

"But, but there is only on bed! How is that going to work!?" Jeff said pulling his hood over his head trying to cover the blush on his face.

"Simple, share." Slender retorted. "Now everyone go wait in the living room i have a few things to explain to (y/n)." He said gesturing them out of the room.

Jeff's POV

"Damn it! How did i end up in this mess?" I growled taking a seat on the couch next to BEN.

"I would consider yourself lucky i would do anything to sleep with that sexy little kitten." BEN smirked.

"SHUT UP!!! You pervy little- Calm down Jeff this is the first time BEN has been this close to a real girl so you can't really blame him." Hoodie said interrupting Jeff.

"HEY! Thats not true!" BEN retorted.

"Whatever!" I snapped leaning back into the leather couch.

"If you ask me i think Jeffy has feelings for her." BEN teased.

"THATS IT YOUR DEAD!!!" I yelled taking out my knife and tackling BEN.

Your POV

You where shocked you couldn't believe what Slenderman told you. But you knew it was true it explained why Masky and Jeff were acting so weird around you when they first saw you. How embarrassing.

"Here put these on." Slenderman said handing you some clothing.

"Thanks..." You said, still in deep thought.

Slenderman left the room to give you privacy to change. You put on a purple and black bra along with a pair of purple panties. You then slipped on a (f/c) tank top and a black skirt. You walked out of the door only to see a very angry Jeff and a scared BEN being held up by Slendermans tentcals.

"Thats enough both of you! You don't want to frighten (y/n) do you?" Slender said putting the two boys back on the ground.

"If that bastard says one more thing to anger me i swear he's gonna go to sleep!" Jeff growled.

"Hey (y/n), you look great!" Masky said trying to change the subject.

"Thanks." You smiled, sitting next to him yawning.  "Jeff i'm tired where do i sleep?"

"Follow me..." Jeff said leading you up a flight of stairs and down a long hallway.

"Sorry..." You said, feeling bad that you had to share a room with him.

"I'm not mad at you so don't apologize." He said leading you into the room at the end of the hall. The room was empty except for a bed and a TV. It smelt like Jeff, you liked his sent. You didn't know why but you just found it comforting in a weird way. You pounced on the bed and crawled under the covers. Jeff closed the door sat on the side of the bed.

"Its okay, i'll keep to my side and don't worry i don't snore." You giggled.

Jeff looked at you seemed to smile more then usual. He crawled next to you and put a sleeping mask over his eyes as he turned off the light. For the first time in three years you felt safe and quickly fell asleep.

To be Continued...


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animeloveralexa Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Student General Artist
I love this story it's awesome. I'm a Kitty cat!!!!
Comedywiz411 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014   Writer
Me in the story: *after talk* ...... O_o......

Me in real life: *after talk* .. *holds up hot dog and donut* So, what you're saying about sex is when these two connect like this-
Slendy: No, no! you got it, no need to demonstrate.
Me: *chuckles* Oh Slendy.... *holds them up again* there's always a reason...

ps: I like how auto correct changes a simple "slendy" into a "SLENDY"
felishathewolf1 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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I just love how BEN reacts to everything...XDDDDD!!!!
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Wait since she's got a tail could she accidentally lift her skirt up? ;D
FANGIRLHetalia Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
BEN would say that....
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