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August 30, 2013
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The rain poured down as you ran through the dark dense forest. Your tail fluffed up and your cat ears down in fear. They where after you again, the people that did horrible tests on you. At first these people didn't seem so bad they took you in as a young abandoned child and fed you and cared for you. But that all changed when you turned 13, they started to do weird tests on you and they continued to do so for three more years intel you finally had enough of the pain. You, desperate to escape killed most of them with your long sharp claws and ran as fast as you could though the forest. They have been hunting you ever sense.

You have been running for 3 weeks now and they have still chased after you. You being a neko had the advantage and could easily out run them. But this time they had long metal things that kept making loud bangs and things would shoot out of them almost hitting you. You looked around running through bushes and dodging trees. You where lucky you could see in the dark otherwise you would sure of been captured by now.

You looked around desperate to escape the the cruel humans. You saw a hollow tree and ran in side it trying to slow down your breathing. They people ran past you still shooting the loud long things. You waited about what you felt was two hours and quietly stuck your head out to see your surroundings.  All you saw was trees and plants no people. You let out a deep sigh and huddled back into the warmth of the hollow tree. It was so cold you could see your breath and the fact that you where bare naked didn't help either. You needed to find proper shelter.

You walked timidly about the forest jumping at every little noise. You finally made your way to what looked like a stone well. The sent of water filled your noise. You quickly ran towards the well and peered inside it. It was pitch black and seemed like a endless pitt. You leaned deeper into it not realizing how slippery the stone wall was. You let out a shocked mew as you slipped on the stone and fell head first into the endless dark pitt.


Your body smashed to the ground. You were sure you where dead but quickly noticed that you still smelt water and close too. You opened your (e/c) orbs to see you had landed out side a big wooden house. The sent of people was strong but they didn't smell like normal people. They smelt different. You quickly got to your feet and ran behind a tree fearing that these people would try to capture you as well.  Just then you heard voices and two people walked out the door. One wore a yellow hoodie and had a white and black mask on they other wore a white hoodie and had white skin a large smile and wide eyes with long black hair. You didn't like the looks of these people and quietly climbed the tree you where hiding behind. Once you got to the top you noticed that they where both holding knifes and where covered in blood.

"Shut up Masky! I told you we're going to hit the cabin next!" Yelled the boy with the black hair.

"But i think it would be easier if just hit the house with less people in it." the boy called Masky replied nervously.

You had to find a way out of there fast! You thought noticing that the branch wouldn't hold your weight for much longer. But before you could do anything the branch snapped and you came tumbling down landing right on top of the black hair boy.

"What the fuck!?" He yelled.

"Dude its raining naked girls!" Masky said pointing at you with a shaking finger.

You let out a hiss and jumped off the boy, wagging your tail vigorously in anger.

"What the hell is she doing here?" He yelled getting to his feet." And why the hell does she have a tail?!"

You quickly take a few steps back noticing the boy was around your age and was alot taller then you were. With that the boy lunged at you pinning you against a tree. He had a knife against your neck threatening to slice it open.

"Who are you and how did you get here!?" He asked angerly.

"(y/n), (y/n) (l/n). I fell through the well. You replied, tears streaming down you cheeks.

The boy removed the knife from your throat and took a step back. He looked you up and down, a blush growing on his face. You didn't understand why they where acting so strange you where always naked around people and no one stared this much.

"What are you?" He asked trying to avert his eyes from your nude body.

"I'm a neko, half cat half human." You replied wiping away your tears.

"Jeff, if she made it though the portal and lived then she could be some use to us." Masky said, walking closer towards you.

"I guess so, lets take her to Slender..." He sighed in annoyance.

"Okay. My name is Masky its nice to meet you (y/n)." Masky said taking off his yellow hoodie. "You should probably where this..." He said shyly.

You took the hoodie and slipped it on. It covered your body just down over you butt. You snuggled into it and let out a purr. "Thanks." You purred. Walking up to the house.

To be continued...
Hi guys i hope you all enjoy this! If not then why are you here (lol)
I will be adding more part to this story so please enjoy.

(There will be a lemon in one part)

Jeff the Killer (c) Creepypasta

You (c) Jeff



Just to let you know you are 16/17 years old.
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