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December 1, 2013
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"Hey? (y/n) wake up." Jeff said, shaking you awake.

"Nnn, go away..." You whined wrapping your arms around him.

"Get up!!" He said in annoyance.

"No, your warm." You groaned, not thinking straight.

"You asked for this." Jeff said, grabbing a pile of snow and shoving it in your face.

"AAAH!!! COLD! Okay i'm up!!!" You yelled jumping out of the blanket.

"Okay, Slenderman should be letting us in the house any moment." Jeff said, tossing you the blanket.

"Ok... I can't feel my toes." You pouted.

"Okay, you two can come inside now." Said a sleepy Slenderman opening to door to let you two in.

"Oh thank god! I'm freezing my ass off!!" Jeff yelled running into the house and up the stairs to get his clothes on.

You walked into the house shivering like no tomorrow, and slowly walked up the stairs to your room.

~Timeskip~(Brought to you by Jeff's frozen ass)

After a nice warm shower you got into some clean clothes and made your way down to the living room, only to find Jeff, BEN and LJ sitting on the couch.

"Hey (y/n)! Soooo how was last night?" BEN asked looking at you with a pervy smile on his face.

"Horrible, thanks for asking." You said with a angry look.

"BEN saw you in your bra and underwear cuddling with Jeff." LJ blurted out.

"You what!!" You and Jeff yelled in sync.

"Yeah i was hoping to sneak a peak at (y/n) but saw you two cuddling in the blanket." BEN chuckled.

"For your information BEN, Jeff stole the damn blanket from me and gave me no choice but to share with him! And also, you're a pervert!" You snapped.

"Huh, Jeff you wanted to share with her?" BEN said looking at Jeff.

"Pfft, of course not! She forced me to share with her! Jeff said, giving you a smirk.

"Whaaaat!! No i didn't!!! You liar!" You said in anger and embarrassment.

"Really?!" LJ and BEN said in shock, looking at Jeff for an answer.

"Yep, she totally wanted me!" Jeff replied, loving how angry you were getting.

"Thats it!!! Where are the damn knifes!!!" You yelled, running to the kitchen and grabbing the sharpest knife you could find.

"You're so dead Jeff!! You lying, pale ass jerk!! You yelled running toward him, knife in your hand.

Jeff dodged you and pinned you to the ground, his knife at your throat.

"You really think you can kill me? Jane's been trying for years and she still hasn't been able to do it, and you think you can?!" Jeff growled.

"Worth a try." Your smirked.

",Bitch i've been though more shit the you will even go though in you lifetime, so don't mess with me!" Jeff whispered threateningly into your ear, letting you go and walking back to his room and slamming the door behind him.

"Asshat!" You yelled after him, getting off the floor and brushing the dirt off your clothes, while LJ and BEN just stared at you dumbstruck.

"What?!" You yelled.

"N-nothing!" LJ said in fear.

"Thats what i thought!" You growled sitting on the couch next to a shocked BEN.

"Uhh, (y/n)?" BEN asked.

"What do you want?" You sighed in anger.

"Well, i need some help with the Christmas tree and since Jeff is up chilling in his room... Can you help me and LJ please." BEN asked with a innocent smile.

"Fine, but i get to pick the tree." You replied.

~Time Skip~ (after setting up the tree)

"Okay done now go get Sally and show her, i'm going to lie down for an hour." You said quietly.

"Yeah okay." BEN said.

"Thanks (y/n)!" LJ smiled.

"Yeah, no problem..." You sighed, walking up the stairs looking down at your feet.


"AH!" You screamed falling backward and landing on your butt.

"What the hell!" Jeff said rubbing his head in pain.

"Are you trying to kill me or som-nevermind..." You said crossing your arms and looks away from him.

"If i were trying to kill you, you would of been dead long before this." Jeff said standing up and giving you his hand to help you up.

"Whatever." You growled, grabbing his hand and getting up off the floor.

"Somebody's grumpy." Jeff teased.

"Yeah, well i'm still mad at you from before!" You spat.

"Yeah, about that... Sorry." Jeff said avoiding eye contact.

You sighed. "Its fine i'm sorry for calling you a asshat and all that..."

"Fine, now if you don't mind i have to grab another damn tree with BEN and LJ." Jeff said in annoyance.

"Its done. I already helped them." You replied walking back to your room.

"Oh... alright thanks. And where do you think you going?" Jeff asked.

"I'm going to go die in my bed now goodnight!" You replied.

"Damn it (y/n) its 6:00PM your not going to bed!" Jeff said grabing you by the wrist and dragging you down the stairs.

"Awwww come one Jeff, i'm tired!!" You whined.

~Time Skip~

After about a hour of watching BEN play video games with Jeff Slenderman, Masky and Hoodie walked through the door.

"Oh good you put of the tree. Now all you have to do if get each other gifts!" Slenderman said happily.

"We what!" You, Jeff, BEN, LJ, and Jane who was walking down the stairs said in shock.

"Yep thats what Christmas is, better get on it." Slenderman replied leaving the exiting the room to the kitchen.

Aw hell! Jeff growled.

To Be continued...
Here ya guys go! Enjoy!

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FANGIRLHetalia Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"That's what I thought."

I don't know why, but I couldn't stop laughing at that....HIDDEN HUMOR!!!!:icondundundunplz:
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A wibbley wobbley timey wimmey skip brought to by Jeff's frozen ass one cam only dream ^.^ :3 ♡.♡
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'brought to you by Jeff's frozen ass.'

I died!!!xD
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Timeskip brought to you by Jeff's frozen ass  Barney: ok kids say Dat Ass. Kids: DAT ASS - moving hand
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~Timeskip~(Brought to you by Jeff's frozen ass) 
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Dragonsrock120 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It's ok! I'm in BCS right now and I'm trying sooo hard not to laugh!!!!!
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