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Submitted on
November 27, 2013
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You walked down the stairs of the Creepypasta house that Slenderman let you live in ever since the day you parents died. You didn't like to kill but that didn't stop you from killing the people who killed you parents and framed you for the whole damn thing.

Once you got to the bottom of the stairs you saw Laughing Jack, BEN, and Jeff. trying to fit a huge pine tree through the door. You mouth basically hit the floor at that moment .

"What the hell are you three doing!?!" You shouted in confusion.

"Trying to get this damn tree in the house, what does it look like!" Jeff replied out of breath.

"What! Why?!" You asked still shocked at the scene.

"Slenderman said we had to celebrate Christmas for Sally and if we didn't do it he would have us standing out in the snow in our underwear for a whole night." LJ Replied.

"What does that have to do with a giant pine tree doing in the house!?! You asked.

"Christmas tree!" They all replied in sync.

(Face Palm)

"Hell no! That thing is way to big!" You said trying to push the tree back out the door.

"The bigger the better (y/n)." BEN chuckled.

"No out!!" You snapped pushing LJ back into the tree.

You heard more footsteps coming from the stairs.

"What the hell is going on?" Jane said with the same shocked expression on her face.

"These morons think this huge thing is a suitable Christmas tree!" You replied giving up on trying to push LJ and started pushing Jeff.

"Seriously?" Jane asked

"Yeah, it looks fine to me." Jeff replied holding you back from pushing him.

"Hold on (y/n) I'll go get Slenderman. Jane sighed walking back up the stairs.

"Good!" You replied finally pushing Jeff over and into the tree, you falling down with him in the progress. "Aah! its dark in here!"

"What you afraid of the dark or something?" Jeff asked, his breath on your neck.

"N-No i am not i just don't like being in the dark with a serial killer! Is that so wrong?!" You snapped trying to find your way out of the giant tree.

"Heh, smart girl. But something tells me that this won't be the only time we will be alone in the dark together." Jeff sneered.

"Is that a threat! You... uh you big um... Smiley face dude! Now help me get out of here!" You ordered

"Fine if you say so." You sighed giving you a hard shove making you fly out of the tree and landing on the ground with a thump.

"Owwww!" You whined getting up off your but and turning around to see BEN and LJ holding back laughter.

"Well you wanted me to help you get out so i did." Jeff said brushing the pine neatles off his hoodie.

"Okay, (y/n) Slenderman said he will be here in a.... whoa. What happened to you two? Jane said looking from you to Jeff.

"(y/n) pushed me into the pine tree and then fell in her self." Jeff said glaring at you.

"Oh yeah well you threatened me while we were in there!" You spat.

"Be grateful it wasn't a threat to kill you." He snapped.

"Oh yeah well..." You started.

"Will you children just shut up for once!" said an echoing voice.

You all turned to see a angry Slenderman.

"Who is responsible for all the pine neatles all over the floor?!" Slenderman growled.

You pointed to Jeff while Jeff pointed to you. Jane pointed to Jeff and BEN pointed to you. Laughing Jack just stood there laughing.

"Jeff, (y/n). Get into you underwear you staying out side tonight." Slenderman growled.

"WHAT!" You yelled.

"HELL NO" Jeff screamed.

"Yes and if you don't do it now i will make it two nights!" Slenderman threatened.

"Okay!" You and Jeff said nervously.

"Oh and (y/n) since you are smaller then Jeff you get to bring a blanket." Slenderman replied.

"Okay! Thanks." You said sticking your toung out to Jeff.

"Thats so unfair!" Jeff growled.

~Time Skip~

"Okay, you two are stuck out here for the night. If you wake me up I'll make you stay out here naked for two more nights!" Slenderman warned.

You and Jeff where freezing. Jeff was only in his boxers shaking like a leaf. And you where in you bra and underwear with a blanket that barely covered you butt.

"Alright, goodnight." Slenderman said closing and locking the door behind him. Leaving you two in the dark, freezing cold.

"Give me that blanket!" Jeff said darting towards you.

"No fricking way buddy! You snapped dodging him and making a run for it.

"Damn it (y/n)!" Jeff yelled running after you.

You quickly ran and hid behind a tree, hoping it was too dark for Jeff to see you. Not taking any chances you grabbed a branch and pulled yourself up. Once you got high enough you sat on one of the branches and huddled up into a ball.

~4 hours later~


Your eyes shot open. The sound of branches breaking came from below you.

"Shit!" You whispered to yourself.

Jeff had obviously figured out where you were hiding. Thinking quickly you grabbed a loose branch and snapped in half. Hoping to use it if Jeff tried to take your blanket. You climbed down the tree as quietly as you could coming face to face with Jeff.

"Go away!" You growled poking him with the stick.

"Not until you give me that damn blanket!" Jeff growled breaking the stick in half.

"No! You only want to blanket because you want to see me in my underwear!" You replied.

"Partly, but i mostly want it cause its freezing cold!" Jeff said, trying to pull the blanket off of you.

"No go away!" You growled, giving him a shove only fall out of the tree yourself.


"COLD!! So cold!" You cried, quickly getting up off the snow covered ground.

"Thank you!" Jeff said grabbing the blanket off your back.

"Nuuu! Thats mine!" You whined trying your best to cover yourself.

"Not any more!" Jeff said looking you up and down.

"Pervert!" You growled, tackling him to the ground.

"Ow! Alright! Fine we can share!" Jeff said.

"No way am i sharing with you!" You retorted

"Fine then freeze!" Jeff replied.


"...Move over..." You sighed in defeat.

"Alright." Jeff said giving you half the blanket.

To Be Continued...

Just a gift for my wonderful watchers. Hopefully I get it out before Christmas or during Christmas. Enjoy!

 Wow Slenderman can be a real dick sometimes... 



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