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July 9, 2013
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
A/N: So no one commented on my "Follow your heart" story so i wont continue that ill just make a my first lemon and see how it ends up.
Please comment what you think it means a lot to me :)

You sat at the end of the table glaring at Ciel. You knew you were going to lose but you're not the type of girl to give up so easily.

Do you really think you can win? Ciel said, putting down his 8th wine glass.  Tsk, of course i can win but I must admit we have drunken past our limit Sebastian put down for us...

Are you backing out? He smirked walking over to where you were sitting.

Sit back down! I'm not down yet! You said standing up to face him.


Owww my head. You whined hugging the pillow closer to your body. I knew I shouldn't drunken past that limit. All of a sudden the pillow moaned and turned around to hug you back. Your eyes shot open with shock, there right next to you was a sleeping Ciel. Your eyes grew wider he was naked you where naked.... What the hell happened!?

Oh hell no! you said pulling your self away from him. With that his eyes shot open. His eyes widened in shock as he stared down your naked body.

WHAT HAPPENED?! He screamed still staring.

D-don't look! You said covering you body with sheets. Oh my god, did I just have sex with Ciel. I don't remember anything! If any one found out about this I would surely be screwed, not to mention how Elizabeth would react.

Ah, you two are awake seems as if you had a bit of a rough night last night huh? Said Sebastian walking in with breakfast and tea.

G-get OUT and stay out till I come downstairs! Ordered Ciel.

Yes my lord. He said walking out of the room closing the door behind him.

Oh my god... I just lost my virginity and I don't remember a thing! You murmured. To you your first time was to be important, romantic and with someone you loved. Sure you loved Ciel but having sex with him and not able to remember how it felt or what he looked like hurt you greatly. To make it worse you where staying at his manor for a week because your parents were out working in France. You felt tears streaming down your face as you tugged the sheet closer to your body.

Ciel just sat there not knowing what to do. Y/N, please don't cry you know i'm not good with this. I don't remember anything either... He said hugging you tightly. You where shocked at his actions, he was actually trying to comfort you. Ciel was usually so distant. This was a side of him you never seen before.

C-ciel! You said in shock.

You turned to look at him and his warm lips hit yours. He's kissing me! Your eyes were wide with shock but slowly they closed .You wrapped your arms around his neck kissing him back softly. His lips against yours felt so right you loved it. You felt his tung licking you lips begging for an entrance. You opened your mouth and his tung rolled around yours. He explored ever inch of your mouth and finally broke for air. You looked in his blue eye pleadingly, you wanted more much more.

He smirked knowing what you wanted. Lying down on top of you he kissed your neck lovingly. You let little moans of pleasure escape your mouth as he began licking and nibbling your neck. His hand lightly squeezing your breast as he played with you nipple. You blushed as you felt how hard he was getting. He slowly licked down your body to your other breast rolling his tung around your nipple. His soft hands glided down your waist and slowly met their way to your womanhood.

Ah, Ciel! You moaned as he rubbed his finger around your clit. He slowly slide his finger in your womanhood and began to pump. You moaned loudly as he slipped in another finger. You turned around, him now under you with a shocked expression on his face. You smirk gently gripping his member in your hand.

My turn! You purred.

You began to move your hand slowly up and down his member as he let out little moans of pleasure. You went faster and faster till he was moaning loudly. Then you leaned down to slip the top of his member in you mouth and rolled your tung around it. He gasped and grabbed your head and forced him self into your mouth. You where shocked at how aggressive he was but decided to let is pass. His moans where becoming louder as he gasped you felt a warm liquid pour into your mouth and quickly swallowing it.

He turned you around now on top of you and began to kiss you neck again. He positioned himself at your entrance and just looked at you pleadingly. You smiled an gave him a nod. He pushed himself into you slowly trying not to hurt you as much it already did. You felt tears well up in your eyes and he kissed them away.

Tell me when to move. He smirked looking into your E/C eyes.

You waited a few minutes for the pain to go away and gave him a small nod. He smiled and slowly bucked into you. He went in and out slowly making sure you were okay with his actions. The pain was slowly replaced with amazing pleasure. You quickly got board of his slow motion.

Damn it Ciel go faster! You moaned wrapping your arms around his neck.

He laughed and gave you another smirk. Moving faster and deeper into you. A few minutes later he began pumping much deeper into you. To him your moans sounded so addicting he wanted to hear you scream his name. You felt him hit your special spot and you moaned in ecstasy. He hit that spot over and over again intel you felt your stomach tighten.

S- say my name! He growled pumping faster the before.

C-Ciel! You moaned.

Louder! He ordered.

CIEL!!! You screamed as you hit your climax. Your became tighter around him. He moaned loudly as he came into you. Pulling out, panting and he turned around lying on his back. Hearing his breath comforted you and you soon felt deep into sleep.

You both woke with a high-pitched screaming coming from down stairs.

OH SHIT! ELIZABETH! He screamed falling out of bed.
In case you don't know what a lemon is it means there is sex. So please don't read this if you are underage and dont comment anything rude or unnecessary
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I love the story, but it's hard to tell when they are talking. It would be easier if you put quotes around the words they are saying.
pharohsqueen Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just, keep pinching my nose.... :nosebleed:  too late.
smommy03 Apr 7, 2014  New member
Fuck you Lizze he's mine now *sebastion smirk*
You go girl *high fives you*
lostbiebergirl Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
T~T I need to wipe all this blood off the monitor ;-;
jaydinheart Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
fuck you lizzy!
tonyturtle14 Mar 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
Damn •^•
Turtle approves this lemon >///>
*slowly waddles away*
Alexidra Mar 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
If only that actually happened to me ><
Minus the Lizzy part (since I cosplay her, and look like her just without bright bright blond hair xD)
God, I went on to look up gifs of Ciel, and what showed up was Ciel x Reader Lemons xD
No one uses bing, Peter Parker. -3-
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