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October 7, 2013
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*A/N: This will switch Bewteen your POV and Masky's.*

|Your POV|

You ran down the halls of the old castle. You hated it here and you hated the guy that owned it. But you had no choice to live here, after all you were his proxy.

Your parents had died in a car accident when you where seven making you an orphan and forcing you to live in a foster home. Your foster parents where horrible people they hit you and called you horrible names, until one day you killed them in self defense with a kitchen knife. If it wasn't for your master Zalgo you would of been locked up in jail by now. Now you have no choice but to obey Zalgo.

It wasn't that bad here in the castle. Zalgo provided you with food and water, you had a bedroom and nice clothing. Its just that you hated how horrible he was to others and how his so called loyal minions sexual harassed you with dirty comments and such. You where glad you where still a virgin the way they talked.

Now Slenderman had sent an attack force on the castle, because stupid Zalgo had to go and kill one of their friends, The Rake. Zalgo had ordered you to go to the castles loft and pull some sort of trigger to lock them all in here. You really didn't see the point of locking them in the castle but you had to obey your masters orders.

You pulled the hood of your black hoodie over your head to hide your face from enemies. You made sure you (h/l) (h/c) hair was hidden so they wouldn't know you we're female. You knew that the chance of getting caught without the hoodie that hid you gender would probably mean that Slenderman's group would take you as hostage.

Finally you made it to the castles loft and began to climb the ladder that lead to the switch. Once you where at the top you looked around the room for it. You couldn't help having the feeling of being watched. You shrugged it away and made your way to the old dusty switch.

"Ugh, gross, damn spiders." You mumbled to your self in disgust.

After blowing on the web that was covering the switch you lifted you hand to pull it.


You where sent flying backwards and landed with a thump on you side.

"What the hell?!" You screamed.

Looking toward the switch you saw two male figures. One was wearing a yellow hoodie with their hood up so you couldn't see their face. The other wore a white mask with penciled on lips and a dark yellow jacket.

Recognizing them immediately you bolted towards the ladder, with them chasing after you.

"Shit!" You yelled in frustration, noticing that they had broken the ladder so you couldn't escape.

You turned around to face them. You knew who these guys were, they were Slendermans proxy's Masky and Hoodie. Zalgo has warned you about them many times before.

They both lundged toward you. You quickly dodged the attack but tripped in the progress and fell to the lower level of the loft with a loud thud. The two men both jumped down to where you were.

"Alright kid, time to die." Hoodie said with anger in his voice.

You sat up to face them, your hood falling down in the process.

"Right, then get it over with." You growled.

The two men looked at you with shock in their eyes. "Looks like we found who we were looking for, huh Hoodie." Masky laughed.

"Wait what?" You said in shock as Masky picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.

"Slender's going to be so proud." Hoodie laughed.

"HEY!!! Put me down!!" You ordered squirming in Masky's tight grip.

"Hoodie, do me a favour and do that pressure point thing that knocks people out." Masky said in annoyance.

"What n-no don't, I'll be quite just don't hurt me please!" You pleaded.


To Be Continued...
Hi guys I really hope you enjoy this story as much as you liked my Jeff the Killer x reader one.



Well i'm pretty sure this sucked like hell -.-
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